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Landscape image of Windmills representing Wolfspeed's commitment to sustainability


We strive to make things better. Whether it’s for our company and employees, our environment, or the communities we serve, we are committed to giving back.

Our Sustainability Mission

Our purpose extends beyond our products. Our business is built on the power of Silicon Carbide and the innovative possibilities unleashed by the technology. Always at the forefront of technology revolutions, we serve as a catalyst for driving change that transforms our communities, industries, and our world by powering more and consuming less.

Sustainability Reporting

We release an annual report to disclose our initiatives, goals and performance in the areas of Social Responsibility, Environment, Economic and Corporate Governance. Learn how we’re enhancing economic value for ourselves and our customers, supporting our people and communities and protecting our environment.

2022 Sustainability ReportView the 2022 Report

People First, People Always

Learn More
We consider the health and well-being of each individual associated with our community as our primary responsibility. We have established stringent rules for material sourcing, supplier selection, and employee health and safety, while also promoting community engagement and education programs.
Our Employees

Valued and critical to our success

Health & Safety

Our products are innovatively designed and undergo various testing to ensure that the health and safety of our customers is not negatively impacted. Our Occupational Health and Safety and wellness programs ensure the health and safety of our employees and contractors. Learn More
Health & Safety
Our Ambition
Providing a safe and healthful work environment is paramount to our success and protects our most valuable resource, our employees.
Health & Safety
Our Goal
Establish a certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System for 100% of our manufacturing sites by 2025.
Health & Safety
We are currently on track to meet our goal.


We believe that many societal disadvantages can be overcome with adequate resources and support so that all are free to pursue and achieve a productive, fulfilling life. We partner with municipalities, civic organizations, and advocacy groups to close the opportunity gap and provide those in need the opportunity to excel. Learn More
Our Ambition
Close the opportunity gap by providing more opportunities for STEM education, at all levels, to people in need, particularly in underserved communities.
Our Goal
Establish STEM partnerships at 100% of our major locations by 2025.
We are currently on track to meet our goal.

Processes that Protect the Environment, Products that Improve it

We strive to minimize resource use and reduce the environmental impact of our production process. We are committed to responsibly managing environmental impacts, including being in compliance with environmental legislation as a minimum, and ensuring continual improvement in our environmental performance. Our product sustainability goals are simple: enable our customers to invent power and wireless systems for a responsible, energy efficient future. We are committed to responsibly managing our products from cradle to grave as we lead the innovation and commercialization of Silicon Carbide and gallium nitride.

Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

We endorse and adhere to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) global standards for all of our sites and locations. To ensure that we can implement such standards, we are committed to:

  • providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees;
  • complying with regulatory and other requirements;
  • reducing our environmental impacts (e.g., carbon footprint, wastewater, and waste generation) from cradle to grave;
  • implementing specific measures to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to humans and the environment, including pollution prevention;
  • adhering to documented procedures for defining the process of establishing environmental, health, and safety objectives, targets, and programs or projects;
  • improving continually to enhance environmental, health, and safety performance; and
  • consulting with and encouraging the participation of workers and workers’ representatives, as applicable.

Energy & GHG Emissions

We are committed to reducing energy usage and GHG emissions. Learn More
Greenhouse Gasses
Our Ambition
Actively fight against climate change and reduce our and others’ carbon footprint; Stay efficient, stay productive. Be a company that makes a difference for future generations.
Greenhouse Gasses
Our Goal
Reduce scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% by 2030. Achieve net zero scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 2050.*
Greenhouse Gasses
Additional attention is needed.

*We also established a long-term goal of reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions in line with the Paris Agreement to further reduce our climate impact in support of limiting warming to 1.5°C and transitioning to a net-zero carbon economy.

Water Management

We strive for proper water use management practices at all of our sites. Learn More
Our Ambition
Ensure sustainable and efficient use of water across all sectors. Become a leader in addressing water scarcity.
Our Goal
Increase water recycling rate by 25% by 2025.
Additional attention is needed.

Waste Management

Learn how we manage our hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Learn More
Our Ambition
Be a company that directs to zero waste through waste reduction and recycling.
Our Goal
Achieve 85% waste diversion rate from landfill by 2025.

Responsible Business Practices, Innovating for a Better Future

Our organization operates at the highest ethical standards and actively manages risks inside and outside of the organization to ensure long-term financial performance. We adhere to the policies outlined in the Code of Conduct and requires our suppliers to adhere to strict social and environmental standards, as described in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supply Chain

Learn more about our material sourcing and supplier selection requirements. Learn More
Supply Chain
Our Ambition
Assess suppliers on social and environmental risks to strengthen partnerships with those with best practices.
Supply Chain
Our Goal
Evaluate ESG risks and opportunities for 100% of suppliers on our Approved Supplier List by 2025.

Supplier Diversity

We strive to have diverse suppliers in our supply chain. Learn More
Our Ambition
Improve resiliency through our diversity efforts and reduce inequalities across our supply chain.
Our Goal
Achieve >5% supply chain spend from diverse suppliers by 2025.

Risk Management

We have established a formal Enterprise Risk Management program in order to identify, assess, prioritize, and manage key enterprise risks. Learn More
Risk Management
Our Ambition
Use a defined and concise method to easily gather the data needed to evaluate sustainability risks.
Risk Management
Our Goal
Complete 3 risk plans/year under our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program by 2025.


We strive to be transparent and provide our sustainability disclosures. Learn More
Our Ambition
Actively and continuously work to improve our disclosures and ratings through major reporting frameworks to drive continuous improvement efforts.
Our Goal
Achieve a score of B or better on all CDP surveys by 2025*.

*Applicable to relevant surveys for Wolfspeed (climate change, water security, supplier engagement).

Sustainability Milestones

July 1987
Cree Founded
August 1989
Introduced first blue LED
August 2005
Began recycling process water at Durham headquarters
January 2007
Initiated a wastewater pre-treatment system on site at headquarters
February 2007
Launched Cree LED City Program
April 2008
Launched Cree LED University Program
January 2011
Began reclaiming solvent waste
January 2013
Completed LED lighting upgrade for facilities
March 2014
LED breaks 300 lumens/watt barrier
January 2015
Began reclaiming organic chemical waste
June 2015
Completed first company-wide GHG emissions assessment
December 2015
Published EHS Policy
May 2016
Our major manufacturing sites become ISO 14001 certified
June 2016
First Submission of GHG Emissions to CDP
July 2016
Published sustainability section of website
August 2016
Began composting at headquarters’ cafeteria
May 2017
Joined EP100 and pledged to double our energy productivity in terms of lumens produced by our products per kWh consumed in manufacturing by 2020
September 2017
Began estimating our Scope 3 GHG emissions for the first time
October 2017
Our Huizhou facility installed a new water recycle system, which recycles approximately 200,000 gallons of water per day.
January 2018
Achieved EP100 goal for lighting products
March 2018
Added electric vehicle charging stations at headquarters
May 2018
All of our major manufacturing sites become certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard
June 2018
Our North Carolina manufacturing sites become members of the NC Environmental Stewardship Initiative
May 2018
Our first intern program welcomed 50 students from colleges across the nation
October 2018
Added electric vehicle charging stations at our Research Triangle Park (NC) site
October 2018
Began conducting our first formal employee engagement survey
November 2018
Launched our first Employee Resource Group, the Women's Initiative.
December 2018
Our EV chargers used by employees during 2018 avoided 7,480 kg of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to planting 192 trees and letting them grow for 10 years.
December 2018
Our North Carolina facilities achieved a goal to reduce solid waste to landfill by 10%. We reduced our average solid waste to landfill from 55.0% to 44.3% from 2016 to 2018.
April 2019
Hosted an Earth Day event at our headquarters
May 2019
Our 2019 Internship Program welcomed 122 enthusiastic and intelligent college students. From 2018 to 2019, we more than doubled the intern population, extended the program internationally and increased the diversity rate by 25%
June 2019
Our North Carolina manufacturing sites rose to the Rising Steward level in the NC Environmental Stewardship Initiative program
July 2019
Hosted our first Inclusion & Diversity Conference for employees at our North Carolina facilities
September 2019
Launched first English as a Second Language (ESL) Program
October 2019
Developed a new EP100 goal to double our energy productivity in terms of revenue per MWh of energy consumed in manufacturing by 2040.
December 2019
As a result of various energy efficiency projects, our Huizhou factory’s electricity consumption decreased by 20% from 2014 to 2019.
December 2019
Our Huizhou facility reduced its water consumption rate for production by 64% from 2014 to 2019.
December 2019
Made the list of Bloomberg’s 50 Companies to Watch in 2020
February 2020
Made Barron’s List of The 100 Most Sustainable Companies
February 2020
Launched our second Employee Resource Group, the PRIDE group
April 2020
Donated 20,000 KN95 masks to Duke University Health System, a local hospital near our headquarters
June 2020
Donated $3.5M for the Wolfspeed Scholarship program and the Dr.John Edmond and Dr.John Palmour Endowed Faculty Chairs to expand STEM opportunities at SUNY Polytechnic Institute
August 2020
We disclosed our water-related information to CDP Water Security for the first time
September 2020
Donated $4M to N.C. A&T University, a historically black university (HBCU), to establish the Wolfspeed Endowed Scholars Program to support students in STEM
October 2020
Launched new ERGs, Black Hispanic Latinx (BHL) and Veterans Pact
December 2020
A total 42 of our employees completed our Technician Certification Program in 2020
January 2021
Launched our Mental Health Allies Employee Resource Group
March 2021
Participated in Wake Tech collaboration that aimed to increase minority women in STEM careers in Wake County, North Carolina
June 2021
Received 2021 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards for the project of the year for our Marcy, NY Fab
July 2021
Launched our Matching Gifts Program
October 2021
Completed a pioneering study with the Biophysical Economics Institute, demonstrating the superior performance of Silicon Carbide vs. traditional silicon semiconductor devices in electric vehicles
November 2021
Developed our first corporate-wide sustainability goals.


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