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Communications application of Wolfspeed RF products in a cellular tower
RF Applications

Communications Infrastructure

Connecting you to the future with Wolfspeed gallium nitride (GaN) on Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology solutions and industry leading support.

Tomorrow’s 5G demands today’s Wolfspeed GaN on SiC semiconductors.

Telecommunications infrastructure is continually evolving to meet the insatiable demand for a better mobile experience, driving countless cellular base station designs. This demand is encouraging network providers to source reliable and flexible solutions that help them meet these varying requirements.

Wolfspeed is a vertically integrated manufacturer that is expanding our SiC capacity to meet future demands. Our complete portfolio of products is engineered to support all cellular standards and frequency bands to help expand existing 4G system capability and to enable the next generation of 5G networks with state of the art GaN on SiC and LDMOS solutions.

Each day presents a greater need for connectivity across platforms, systems and applications, and 5G is poised to save the day. Successfully enabling a 5G-capable world requires increasingly advanced electronic components running cooler and faster, in smaller, lighter configurations that deliver bulletproof reliability and unprecedented energy efficiency. This is the need which motivates us, and GaN on SiC is our solution.

5G Demands

5G will transmit more data at faster speeds and with greater precision than ever – but only if the network infrastructure can reliably handle unprecedented throughput and backhaul. With 206+ billion field hours of GaN on SiC devices behind us we’ve got a proven ability to get your 5G deployment right the first time.

2020: A New Networking and Connectivity Era

Cisco Forecasts 77 Exabytes/month of Mobile Data Traffic by 2022

68% Mobile Data Traffic Growth Between Q3 2018 and Q3 2019

Line graph of Zettabytes per year of data used in mobile communications
Source: NOKIA Bell Labs
Bar graph of Exabytes per month of data used in mobile communications
Source: Cisco VNI Mobile, 2019
Bar graph of data growth used in mobile communications
Source: Ericsson Mobility Report

Unlock the future with GaN on SiC

The promise of unprecedented data speed, low latency and bandwidth that’s an order of magnitude wider has the world clamoring for 5G. RF designers are finding those required gains can best be realized with GaN on SiC components. To achieve the higher linearization, greater power density and improved thermal conductivity required for full 5G capability requires performance improvement at the system level. Already the most capable semiconductor devices in the industry, Wolfspeed’s pioneering GaN on SiC components are offering improved efficiency and bandwidth, and as 5G continues to expand and mature we will continue to expand and explore the advantages inherent in wide bandgap GaN on SiC for system developers seeking better performance everywhere.

The GaN on SiC Solution

Higher throughput requires more bandwidth, which in turn drives the need for more spectrum availability to ultimately reach the potential of 5G technologies. Newer high frequency bands are being made available that will benefit from the capabilities of GaN on SiC. The GaN on SiC combination of high power density, high efficiency, and wide bandwidth makes it the optimal solution for 5G. The GaN on SiC solution offers the faster switching speed and low latency needed for efficient spatial multiplexing, otherwise known as Massive MIMO (multiple in, multiple out), creating much broader bandwidth over an increasing density of small cells and base stations. It’s a connectivity backbone with a nervous system energized by GaN on SiC. Explore the science.

RF Devices
Billion hours of end-consumer usage
< 2
Per billion device hours
Projected Lifetime
> 1
Million hours at 225 degrees C

Wolfspeed: A proven leader in GaN on SiC for 5G

With our 1991 release of the first commercial SiC wafers, Wolfspeed launched its quest to revolutionize the Power and RF semiconductor industry with Silicon Carbide. Thirty years later, as a vertically integrated manufacturer, we offer the industry’s deepest experience and broadest, most robust portfolio of GaN on SiC components and now stand prepared to lead the industry into the future of 5G.

Released the world's first commercial Silicon Carbide wafers
Created the industry's first GaN HEMT on Silicon Carbide
Demonstrated first ever GaN-on-Silicon-Carbide MMIC
Released a 90W GaN HEMT
Acquired Infineon's RF Power business
Launches wideband GaN on SiC solution for 5G

Products Built to Support Telecom

5G was once only a theory, a future advancement that would require faster, smaller, lighter and higher efficiency electronic devices. The 5G system evolution is now well underway and Wolfspeed is enabling designers to continuously improve size, weight, and power benchmarks while reaching new levels of system performance.

Featured Telecom Products

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Featured Telecom Products

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Featured Telecom Products

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Data Sheet
Frequency Min
Frequency Max
Operating Voltage
Package Type
0.73 GHz
0.96 GHz
18 dB
48 V
GaN on SiC
3.7 GHz
4.1 GHz
11.5 dB
48 V
GaN on SiC
3.3 GHz
3.8 GHz
13.5 dB
48 V
Surface Mount
GaN on SiC
2.5 GHz
2.7 GHz
14 dB
48 V

Wolfspeed: Disruptive by Design

From its inception, Wolfspeed has been focused on the future. Offering GaN-on-Silicon-Carbide technology solutions that enable you to design innovative, high performance RF systems that will power your business forward.

Wolfspeed has more than 20 years of experience in GaN on Silicon Carbide technology and is the only vertically integrated GaN and Silicon Carbide manufacturer. We are continuously investing in the future of next generation RF power technology and are expanding our capacity to support your business’s growth. With more than 22 years of experience since we created the industry’s first GaN HEMT on SiC, we are driven to supply the solutions and support that will allow RF system designers to build tomorrow’s innovations, today.

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