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RF GaN Foundry Services

Online Foundry Training Course

The Wolfspeed Foundry is offering a free, in-depth online training for RF Microwave engineers who want to learn how to design in the Wolfspeed FAB. Basic knowledge of MMIC design and experience using Microwave Office (MWO) or Advanced Design System (ADS) is required.

Wolfspeed RF GaN Foundry Services

This training will offer RF Microwave engineers the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to best utilize the PDK
  • Explore HEMT and passive device models
  • Understand the proper steps in designing a MMIC or HEMT
  • Follow proper procedures for submitting a design into the FAB

*NDA or PDK required to enroll.

Event Details

In this online course, you will learn the fundamental fabrication technologies for processing GaN RF devices at your own pace. This will include the tools and techniques associated with designing FETs and MMICs into our Foundry.
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Process Technologies
  • Foundry Process (Design Orientation)
  • Process Design Kit Overview and Use
  • Design Guidelines and Limits
  • Modeling

About the Instructors

RF Foundry Jeremy Fisher Headshot

Mr. Jeremy Fisher
(Manager MMIC Design & Test)

Jeremy has over 17 years in the management, design, and test of advanced semiconductor circuits and components. He began his career at BAE North America (formerly Sanders) where he worked in the design, development, and characterization of GaAs and InP MMICs and discrete devices. In 2004, Mr. Fisher joined Wolfspeed as a MMIC designer, and designed SiC and GaN based MMICs for various Radar, Satellite, and wideband applications. Mr. Fisher currently serves as Wolfspeed’s Manager of MMIC Design and Test, with responsibility for the design and characterization of MMICs and discrete devices in support of Foundry, Commercial, and Government Contract business. Mr. Fisher earned his BSEE (’97) and MSEE (’99) from the University of Michigan. Mr. Fisher holds two US patents.

RF Foundry Yueying Liu Headshot

Dr. Yueying Liu
(RF Device Modeling Manager)

Yueying earned her PhD in Microelectronics from North Carolina State University in 2009. Her research was focusing on large signal physics based AlGaN/GaN HEMT model. After graduation, she joined Triquint as a GaN product engineer and later became device modeling engineer for the design team. Before joining Wolfspeed, Yueying worked at Infineon, Morgan Hill as a RF PA designer and worked on class AB PA design using GaN devices. While working at Wolfspeed, she has worked on multiple projects as an application engineer, product engineer, and eventually as a RF device modeling/characterization manager.

Knowledge Center

Radar / Avionics

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